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Welcome to the Valley View Emus Craft Supply Center! Emu feathers, emu eggshells and emu leather are great in crafts!

Emu Eggs and Emu Feathers

Emu Eggs

Emu Eggs:    $15.00

Grade A Emu eggs. Our emu eggs are hand-blown, polished and sanitized.


Emu Feathers

Emu Feathers:    1oz for $10.00

Emu feathers are available in natural and a variety of colors as well: red, yellow, green, pink, purple, blue.


Emu Feather Dusters

Emu Feather Dusters:    $8.95

Looking for a better way to clean that dusty house? These emu feathers attract the dust.


Emu Leather Products

We offer emu leather hides and leggings (leg skins) in a variety of colors.
Emu leather wrist bands are available in black.
Please email for more information and pricing on these items.