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The Jade Jewels line of skin care products is formulated using only AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil.

Jade Jewels Emu Oil Skin Care Products

Lip Care Products

Lip Plumper   $4.95

This new formula is not only great for chapped lips but also makes the lips appear fuller and helps with wrinkles around the lips.


Lip Care: Refresher Blend   $3.75

Crisp fresh scent for relief of chapped lips.


Lip Care: Mellow Mint   $3.75

Spearmint, peppermint and a splash of orange essential oils softens dry lips.


Skin Care Products

SkinRenu Wrinkle Reducing Formula: 2 oz   $48.00

Formulated with emu oil to penetrate, delivering natural oil to the inner most cellular layers.  Skin becomes rehydrated and elastic. SkinRenu Wrinkle Reducing Formula contains an active lipid complex that yields an immediate moisturization benefit followed by a longer term increase in the water holding properties of the skin. The stimulation of the fibroblasts by these lipids also results in increased synthesis of collagen and elastin. The culmination of these actions results in a true rejuvenation of the skin.


Psoriasis Cream: 4 oz   $26.95

Reduces itchy flaking skin. 


Hand and Body Lotion: 2.5 oz   $8.95

Helps your skin become smoother, softer and healthier.  Beautiful, younger-looking skin can be yours!  Experience the difference!


Hand and Body Lotion: 8 oz   $19.95


Drying Lotion: 1 oz   $18.00

This amazing product dries out pimples and blemishes as it fights infection and moisturizes the skin.  Helps to prevent scarring.


Bruise Prevention Formula: 4 oz   $65.00

Formulated for the restoration of thin and easily bruised skin.  Skin will become smoother and softer to the touch, builds strength necessary to prevent tearing and bruising.


Skin Care: 1.2 oz   $18.95

Designed specifically for problem skin. Facials, dry patches, Rosacea, Eczema and rashes.


Jade Jewels Emu Oil Joint Muscle Pain Relief Formulations

Pain Relief Formulations

Sport & Muscle Rub: 4 oz   $12.95

Minty and refreshing.  May feel warm or cool.  Gives tired or aching muscles almost instant relief.


Joint & Muscle Rub: 4 oz   $34.95

Penetrates deep to help offer relief to sore and tired muscles, joints, and tendons.  Works fast utilizing a combination of ingredients, including natural extracts and EFA's.


AEA Certified Fully Ultra Oil is AEA Certified Fully Refined emu oil taken a step further in the processing.  It has been shown to be 45% more effective at reducing inflammation when applied topically.  Click here for more information.

100% Pure Emu Oil: .85 oz Ultra Oil   $22.95


100% Pure Emu Oil: 2 oz Ultra Oil   $40.95


100% Pure Emu Oil: 4 oz Ultra Oil   $65.00


100% Pure Emu Oil: 8 oz Ultra Oil   $119.95


100% Pure Emu Oil: 16 oz Ultra Oil   $240.00


Jade Jewels Emu Oil Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

Moisturizing Shampoo: 6 oz   $14.95

Enjoy the fine silky feel obtained by using a shampoo rich in emu oil.


Moisturizing Conditioner: 6 oz   $14.95

Conditions even the most unruly hair. (OUT OF STOCK)


Jade Jewels Emu Oil All Natural Handcrafted Soaps

All Natural Handcrafted Soaps

Our Farm Fresh line is made with fresh goats milk and emu egg.  Rich, luxurious and with all natural ingredients these extra mild, creamy soaps are full of protein, vitamins and minerals which concentrate to skin tightening characteristics.

Lavender Lemongrass: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Lavender and lemongrass.


Lemon Patchouli: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Lemongrass, litsea cubeba, and patchouli.


Orange Rosemary: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Orange, rosemary and ylang ylang.


Rosemary Mint: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Rosemary and peppermint.


Our Silk 'N Herbs line contains concentrated infusions of nature's most soothing, skin healing herbs, and our own special aromatherapy/skin essential oil blends.

Calendula Spice: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Orange, lemongrass, cedar wood, cinnamon, & ginger.


Comfrey Comfort: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Lavender and Peppermint.


Chamomile Rose: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Rosewood, palmarosa, rose geranium, cedar wood & patchouli.


Witch Hazel Splash: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lime.


Our Avena line features a concentrated infusion of organic oats and oat straw tea.  Especially pampering to sensitive or irritated skin, we offer two versions.

Lovely Lavender: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each



Just Oats: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Fragrance free.


Aloe Mint Magic: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Spearmint, peppermint & Patchouli.


Nokomis: 3.5 oz   $6.00 each

Cedar wood, balsam fir, and cedar leaf


Soap Sampler:   $12.50

Try our soap sampler!  1/2 ounce of each of our twelve soaps, individually packaged.

Out of Stock

Mix and Match Soap Specials. You may mix and match a variety of bars for quantity discounts.

3 bars of your choice for $16.80 - $5.60 each

5 bars of your choice for $27.00 - $5.40 each

12 bars of your choice for $60.00 - $5.00 each

Please call or email with your choices of soap. Thank you.

Jade Jewels 100% Pure AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil

Pure Emu Oil

Whether you prefer creamy or clear oil, we have it here.

100% Pure AEA Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil

100% Pure Emu Oil: 1.2 oz   $10.95

Enjoy the fine silky feel obtained by using a shampoo rich in emu oil.


100% Pure Emu Oil: 2 oz   $18.00


100% Pure Emu Oil: 4 oz   $30.00


100% Pure Emu Oil: 8 oz   $50.00


100% Pure Emu Oil: 16 oz   $95.00


100% Pure Emu Oil: 32 oz   $150.00


100% Pure Emu Oil: 128 oz   $490.00


Hand Pump for 128 oz container   $4.50


Emu Oil Gel Caps: 90 gel caps   $26.95

A dietary supplement that provides a balanced source of essential fatty acids. Omega 3, 6 and 9 with Vitamin E.


Miscellaneous Products

All Natural Emu Oil Bug Spray

Emu Oil Bug Deterrent: 4 oz   $16.00

If you are spending the day or night outside, don't forget this all-natural emu oil bug spray. You'll be the only one not being bothered by those pesky bugs.


Book about Emu Oil Health Benefits and Emu Recipe CookBook

Emu Oil Naturally Healthy Booklet   $3.50

24 pages of information on emu oil.


Emu Life Just Got Healthier Cookbook   $9.00

Official emu recipe cookbook of the American Emu Association. 195 pages.  Recipes from the people that eat emu every day - the American Emu Farmer!  Includes recipes for vegetables, egg, desserts, etc.


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