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Pets benefit from emu oil, too . . .
Letters and e-mail correspondence from people who use emu oil on their pets.

* Currently, we use the Emu oil on our feather-picker parrots, and they stop plucking, and start growing in beautiful, shiny feathers. Same for dogs and cats-flea bites and itching are stopped by applying to the affected area.
Peggy & Glenn Griffin, Clamas Valley, Oregon

* Our golden retriever had a bad "hot spot" rash on her neck this spring -- the flesh was red and oozing, the fur was gone, and she acted sick. After a few applications of emu oil (with a drop or two of tea tree oil), she was visibly more comfortable and the rash healed right away.
Deena Gentle, Hillsboro, WI

* I got some emu oil from Deena Gentle and tried some on my doggette, Rosie. She's older and has dry flaky skin. This is the first thing that really helped her. She's a Yorkie, and it has even made her fur more soft and manageable! She's also arthritic, and I can't be certain, but I think it may have eased her pain a little too.

* I have, in the past, left my dog's flea dermatitis bare butt syndrome untreated, or treated with veterinary recommended stuff. Emu oil promoted faster healing, faster hair re-growth, and less chewing by the dog. It also seemed to inhibit flea re-infestation of the area. Emu oil is also a natural product and non-toxic, so I did not have to worry about her licking it off. I was always nervous about Misty ingesting pesticides used for flea control..

* I friend of mine had her champion Mastiff's hips go out. You can image how heavy to carry a dog of this size. She massaged the dog with Emu Oil for several days. The dog fully recovered. Mastiffs are proned to hip displasia.




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