Emu Oil ~ Something New under the Sun (burn)

DALLAS, TEXAS/May 2000- Packing for vacation? Don't forget the emu oil!

"Many travelers don't realize that taking along emu oil makes summer vacation more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable," said Neil Williams, president of the American Emu Association. "By applying a small amount, you can take the burn out of a sunburn and sidestep the peeling phase. You can take the sting out of most insect bites and soothe chafing after a day's sight-seeing. And with emu oil, you can prevent dry skin and chapped lips in any climate."

Esta Kronberg, M.D., a Houston, TX-based dermatologist began prescribing emu oil for her patients several years ago after using it on a sunburn. "When I realized how well it fights inflammation, I began using it for many different problems, all with good results. A spider bite on her ankle was the next test. "Within a few hours after applying emu oil, all the stinging was gone," the physician said."

Kronberg said emu oil begins healing faster and relieves pain, so patients feel better sooner. "It works quickly, our patients have been really pleased," she explained, "and they are intrigued because it is a natural substance."

In her practice, Kronberg finds emu oil is the best treatment for first- and second-degree burns and she has also had good success prescribing emu oil for rosacea patients. "Even though it is an oil, it seems to heal inflamed, ruddy and raw skin," explained the physician.

At a recent medical symposium, the physician and her husband met a nurse who suffered from psoriasis. After using emu oil, the woman reported a clearing of scaling skin lesions and being able to wear short sleeves and shorts for the first time in 10 years. "I was absolutely sold after that," Kronberg said.

Julie Brumlik, founder of a line of emu oil-based skin care products she markets from Miami, FL, said her first formulas were used by dermatologists for patients who had undergone dermabrasion (a skin resurfacing procedure) and to treat post-sunburn. "The results were remarkable. Emu oil consistently promoted healing of sunburned skin, stopped the stinging and prevented tightness and peeling," said Brumlik. "Would I travel without it - across the state or across Europe? Absolutely not!

American Emu Association Press Release