Transdermal Study on Emu Oil Concluded

By Myra Charleston
(reprinted with permission from Emu's Zine)

Dr. Robert Nicolosi, Director of the Center For Chronic Disease Control with the University of Massachusetts, has announced the conclusion of an initial study on transdermal delivery utilizing Emu Oil. According to Dr. Nicolosi, the Emu Oil used was only one of many natural oils being tested. When Emu Oil was used in a topical application, the data suggested that the delivery of nutrient properties directly into the blood stream might be greater than other oils currently being utilized daily within hundreds of current across-the-counter remedies.

Using transdermal delivery of medications through the skin instead of an injection has gained increasing support over the past few years.

This is due to partly to the fact that Transdermal Delivery Systems are easy to self-administer which encourages patient compliance. Another advantage is that the plasma level of the drug is sustained without the peaks experienced with injections. Currently transdermal products are available for such things as weight loss, smoking, testosterone and hormonal replacement therapy. In the near future, we may be seeing emu oil used as the carrier in these and other applications.