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The following articles are copyrighted by their respective publications and/or writers, and are reproduced here with permission.  Statements in these articles have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and do not constitute medical advice.  Please consult your physician if you have an illness.

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Emu Oil Offers Hope to Diabetics Something New Under the Sun(burn) The Use of Emu Oil on Radiation Burns
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Getting a Grip on Pain: Documenting the Facts on Emu Oil and Arthritis (pilot study) Concerning Emu Oil and Its Potential Anti-Arthritic Activity - Australian Study Moisturizing and Cosmetic Properties of Emu Oil - Study
Emu Oil in the Doctor's Office (Graphic Photos) Emu Oil is this Physicians Choice (Graphic Photos) Veterinarian Testimonial - Matthew S. Zimmer, DVM
Paper Thin Skin Athletes and Emu Oil Pet Owner Testimonials
New Natural Tissue Nutrient Discovered That Slows Skin Aging Balancing your Cholesterol - the juggling just got easier The Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease by Dr. Leigh Hopkins